Anti, pro-FCR tribesmen spoil Seminar on FATA reforms

Malik Khan Marjan, started shouting against the merger of FATA with KP, right at the start of the function and rejected the reforms package, without being invited to the event.



Faqir of Ipi; the forgotten hero of Waziristan

If our government and media can promote and remember the story of Bhagat Singh then why cannot remember the struggle and sacrifices of the tribal people against the British Raaj.

The U.S Presidential election: Liberalism vs Fascism

There is a dire need to understand the dramatic shifts in the world politics and the world leaders are required to think and act wisely.
Waqas Khan

Diplomacy behind the Mosul Campaign

Turkey is part of NATO, and her participation in the country next to Syria, would cause repugnance in the relationship of these countries (Russia, Turkey and Iran).
Muhammad Kamran

Mahsud Welfare Association: Day dream or reality?

Although they gave makeup scholarships to a selected segment of Mehsood students but these are not enough to help them completely in getting education and they are still relying on their personal level to get them educated.
Umana Khan

Indo-Pak Conflict gives lifeline to Pakistan’s Emerging Entertainment...

The brilliant success of the 3 Pakistani movies that released this Eid-ul-Azha can now being repeated on a continuous basis. Since they’ll be no more bollywood films competing with them; to take away the limelight.





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Abdul Qadir Baloch

FATA is governed by a black law; Abdul Qadir Baloch

FATA was ten times less developed than the rest of the country, so war-footing steps were needed to bring the areas at par with the rest of the country.

Five tribesmen killed, one injured in firing in Khyber Agency

Political administration confirmed that five persons have been killed and one injured of Zakha Khel tribe when they were on their way to Tirah valley of Khyber Agency.