Parachinar Hospital

At least 25 killed, over 50 injured in blast at vegetable market in Parachinar

The blast was caused by an IED hidden in a vegetable box. Security forces have cordoned off the area and an operation is underway to determine and apprehend the culprits involved.


Ayoub Khan

What Influence does Wealth have over Politics in America

In America people go to Jail for cocaine in their pockets, and half of the prisoners are there, for drugs procession and more than half of them are black.

Faqir of Ipi; the forgotten hero of Waziristan

If our government and media can promote and remember the story of Bhagat Singh then why cannot remember the struggle and sacrifices of the tribal people against the British Raaj.

The U.S Presidential election: Liberalism vs Fascism

There is a dire need to understand the dramatic shifts in the world politics and the world leaders are required to think and act wisely.
Waqas Khan

Diplomacy behind the Mosul Campaign

Turkey is part of NATO, and her participation in the country next to Syria, would cause repugnance in the relationship of these countries (Russia, Turkey and Iran).
Muhammad Kamran

Mahsud Welfare Association: Day dream or reality?

Although they gave makeup scholarships to a selected segment of Mehsood students but these are not enough to help them completely in getting education and they are still relying on their personal level to get them educated.





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FATA Youth

FATA Political Alliance slams Fazlur Rehman, Achakzai, calls them enemies of tribal people

Maulana Fazlur Rehman is used by bureaucracy against the tribal people but the today’s rally is a warning for him and his politics.

Above 100 tribesmen released after successful talks with Khyber Agency administration

After successful talks the detained persons were released and the administration were making arrangements to shift them to Landikotal.