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Tribal Post reporter based at Khyber Agency, Ahmad Nabi is a senior journalist working for national media in FATA.
Amir Afridi

Students, youth hurt in beaten charge of Khasadar in Landi Kotal

15 students got injure when clash took place between students of Government Degree College, Landi Kotal and Khasadar troops here on Thursday.
Iftikhar Chaudhry

Govt. deceives Fata’s people over reforms; former Chief Justice

Fata reforms are a deceiving tactic with tribes people and it would be a great achievement of current government if it extends Supreme and High courts jurisdiction to tribal regions.
Syed Kabir

Tribesmen demands resumption of water scheme

“The step mother behavior of the authorities cause developing of sense of derivation among the tribal and equivalent to deprive thirty thousands of population from their basic right of provision of potable”

Khyber Green Azmarey clinched winning trophy of FSL T20 Cricket Tournament

Prior to it, total of 24 teams across the tribal areas that had been divided in four groups, and each team comprises minimum nine players from FATA competed one another in 67 cricket games.
Roman Khan

Polio effectee disabled youth seeks financial support for treatment

Doctor prescribed him treatment that would make possible for him to walk at least with crutches instead of crawling which would cost Rs. 250000 for curing.
Khalid Mehmood

Compensation cheques distributed among IDPs in Khyber Agency

Compensation cheques would be handed over to rest of suffered families belonging to the IDPs of Tirah and Bara areas in near future.

Fata Super League T20 cricket tournament kicks off in Jamrud

Two tribal children an eight years old Thelessmia patient, Hamad Afridi and a cancer patient, Fakhir jointly inaugurated the sports event by hitting ball with bats.
Torkham Truck

Torkham border resumed practically after 32 days

The border was opened at 7:00 am and pedestrians as well as all transport loaded commodities vehicles on either side of the border to cross it.

Torkham border not reopened for movement after PM announcement

Administration has said that they have not received any written notification to resume the movement across the border however they will be reopened after formal notification.

Torkham border blockade deprives Afghan students of taking SSC exam

Because of the blockade of the border since February 17, all the students across the border had been absent of their classes as they had not been permitted to enter into Pakistan via Torkham border.
Imtiaz Gul

FATA – A victim of vested political interests

A big majority categorically favoured the FATA merger with KP, saying this was natural and logical in view of the geographical contiguity and historical ethnic linguistic links between the two regions.
Ijaz Khan

A FATA-L delay

If the change is announced after a few months, it will face more problems than it would have faced earlier. Dragging feet on Fata’s merger with KP will have negative political implications for the state of Pakistan.