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We need to change mindset, not regimes

As a human we all make mistakes one way or the other and this is the way human learns. We all know Allah Pak is the most merciful and forgiving.

APS massacre when Angels fought evil

The whole world witnessed the courage of Pakistani parents who sent their children to the same school the next day and the teachers and students showed up in their classes.
Maria Toorpakai

Rebel respect – a tribal girl

Maria Toorpakai Wazir; Sharing some pictures taken by Carrie Lee on Maria's voice.

I was treated as a sister of opposition party’s MNA

Wanted to say something that I felt during my visit to Pakistan this year, just that next time some one else don't feel deprived or treated not fairly.
Muhammad Ibrahim

Deciding the fate of Fata, the best option?

Merge Fata, Create a separate province, make a Gilgit Baltistan alike Fata Council and conduct a referendum in Fata are the possible four option for deciding the fate of tribal people.
Ayoub Khan

How much Pashtuns are responsible for their plight

This article reviews the current situation of Pashtuns of both countries Pakistan and Afghanistan and the nature and structures of Pashtun society.