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Nasib Shah Shinwari

Senior Tribal Journalist and Tribal Post Bureau Chief from Khyber Agency.
Taj Muhammad

Reforms were aimed to bring development to FATA; business tycoon senator Taj Muhammad Afridi

"We would strongly recommend to government to allocate funds for the mega projects in FATA to produce electricity which could overcome the power crisis in Pakistan."

Above 100 tribesmen released after successful talks with Khyber Agency administration

After successful talks the detained persons were released and the administration were making arrangements to shift them to Landikotal.

Hundreds of Khuga Khel tribesmen arrested by local govt in Khyber Agency

The detainees were peaceful and were recording their opinion peacefully when the Khasadar party raided them, bruitly beaten them; tribesmen told Tribal Post

Ice-seller arrested for drugs supply after one died of it, in Khyber Agency

Khasadar personnel have raided an alleged drug selling center where they recovered a number of small packets containing heroin and ice drugs in Landikotal.

One shot injured, 8 arrested entering Pakistan illegallly at Torkham

The wounded person has shifted to hospital for medical treatment and the arrested persons have also been sent to Landikotal lock up for further interrogation.

FATA peace games to kick off from December 22

Badminton, Hockey, Table Tennis, Football, Athletics, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Athletics and Tug of War would be played during the FATA peace games.
Torkham Truckers Strike

Pak-Afghan transporters wheel-jam continues at Torkham

Transporters were observing a wheel-jam strike on 4th consecutive day against the illegal tax being received by Pak-Afghan officials at Torkham.
Genral Raheel

With support of tribesmen Pak Army rooted out terrorism: Gen Raheel Sharif

Calling Indian Surgical Strikes a drama, COAS Gen Raheel Sharif said, ‘If Pakistan were to conduct a surgical strike, it would become a chapter in Indian textbooks.’
A health worker administering polio drops to a children at Jamrud hospital.

No single polio case registered this year in Khyber Agency

Kicking off the seven days polio eradication campaign in Khyber Agency some 220,000 children of five years and below would be administered polio vaccine during the campaign.
Khyber Agency Electricity

Political leaders seek to end unscheduled hours long load-shedding in Landikotal

TESCO officials have suspended power supply to Landikotal bazar intentionally and supplying this electricity to industrial areas.
Muhammad Ibrahim

Deciding the fate of Fata, the best option?

Merge Fata, Create a separate province, make a Gilgit Baltistan alike Fata Council and conduct a referendum in Fata are the possible four option for deciding the fate of tribal people.
Ayoub Khan

How much Pashtuns are responsible for their plight

This article reviews the current situation of Pashtuns of both countries Pakistan and Afghanistan and the nature and structures of Pashtun society.