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Raza Dotani
Editor-in-Chief at Tribal Post; -- An independent blogger, radio host, socio-political activist, youth trainer and motivational speaker, belongs to South Waziristan.

FATA youth demand youth, women’s role in FATA Reforms

Tribal students and youth activists demanded that tribal women and should also be given role the prime minister's FATA Reforms Committee.

Tribesmen hold protest against FCR, demand ‘Merge FATA with KP’ in Wana

FATA Reforms Committee has invited only those 'maliks' who are receiving incentives and the real representatives of the people have been ignored.

Afghan MP, Peshawar dancer girl ‘settle’ her rape case out of court

The victim's family and Afghan parliamentarian have agreed to settle the case our of court. The case, however, is till in court and to be withdrawn.

Lahore Bleeds, over 72 killed, 300 injured in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park suicide attack

Police said that this was a suicide attack and suspected bomber blew himself up in the parking space of the recreational park.

Tribal journalists fight guns with pen; Senator Pervaiz Rashid

A delegation of senior tribal journalists met the Minister for IB&NH Senator Pervaiz Rashid and discussed their issues and local press clubs in FATA.

Administration failed to provide education to tribal people; FSO

The administration assured that they would take action against the corrupt and absent teachers and officials.
Bacha Khan University

Attack on Bacha Khan University – Terrorists make us cry again

Terrorist attacked the University and martyred 21 people including a professor Dr. Hamid Hussain and students, which make us all burst into tears.

Hamid Hussain martyred to save his students

The brave teacher ordered his students to stay inside as Taliban gunmen stormed the building with heavy fire.

TTP claims terror attack on Bacha Khan university, 21 killed

Another black day, terrorists killed 21 innocent people, one professor and injured over 30 when they attacked Bacha Khan university this morning in Charsada.

10 years old girl loses her leg in IED blast in South Waziristan

Nazmina & three other girls were leading their goats grazing in the nearby jungle, an unseen improvised explosive device (IED) hit Nazima.
Imtiaz Gul

FATA – A victim of vested political interests

A big majority categorically favoured the FATA merger with KP, saying this was natural and logical in view of the geographical contiguity and historical ethnic linguistic links between the two regions.
Ijaz Khan

A FATA-L delay

If the change is announced after a few months, it will face more problems than it would have faced earlier. Dragging feet on Fata’s merger with KP will have negative political implications for the state of Pakistan.