Women empowerment schemes launched for tribal women

Political administration in collaboration with USAID held a capacity building training on modern tie-dye techniques in a three days extensive training program in Bajaur agency.

The political administration officials told the Tribal Post that more than seventy needy women were selected from the tribal agency for training program and the financial assistant was provided by USAID.

“Seventy five needy women from different parts of Bajaur Agency received training on modern tie-dye techniques in a three days extensive training program”, the officials said.

The political administration set off schemes to empower women by providing tie-dye techniques. The women were trained about the prerequisites and particular process of tying and dyeing of fabrics and scarf, made from cotton, linen, wool, silk and polyester. Tie and dye tool’s kits were also provided to the participants at the end of training work shop.

“At the completion of training, professional tie-dye kits were also distributed among the participants so that they can contribute in the development of Bajaur Agency thereby eliminating their poverty by establishing their own small businesses”, the political official added.

The selected women were trained by specialized trainers. The trainers said that “The purpose of the training was to build the capacity of the local tribeswomen to know about the new techniques, designs, market trends and working areas of tie and dye and to encourage them to run their own small businesses”.

The political administration of Bajaur Agency arranges various training sessions for the militancy hard-hit people of the agency for the purpose of rehabilitation time by time.