News and reports from the tribal areas of Pakistan

Eight shopkeepers arrested for overcharging in Mohmand Agency

The political administration also seized substandard food items and imposed fines on those involved in overcharging and selling such food items.

Kashmir solidarity day observed across Khyber Agency

Showing solidarity with Kashmiri people and condemning the occupation of India on Kashmir, 5th February was observed across Khyber Agency on Friday.

Fata Super League T20 cricket tournament kicks off in Jamrud

Two tribal children an eight years old Thelessmia patient, Hamad Afridi and a cancer patient, Fakhir jointly inaugurated the sports event by hitting ball with bats.

Two among protesting IDPs killed in firing by forces in Bakakhel

Eight other were injured when the protesting IDPs were not allowed to go outside the camp and troops opened fire to disperse the protesters.

FATA youth demand youth, women’s role in FATA Reforms

Tribal students and youth activists demanded that tribal women and should also be given role the prime minister's FATA Reforms Committee.
Zaman Mehsud

Tribal journalist Zaman Mehsud killed in Tank

TTP Commander Qari Saifullah claimed credit for killing Zaman Mehsud, saying Zaman was not giving coverage to Taliban news. Saifullah threatened to kill more journalists.

Teachers boycott classes over govt decision to privatize colleges

Lecturers opposed the decision of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government of privatizations of government colleges and it’s totally injustice with Lecturers.

Deprived tribes of Palosin, have no right to educate their children

Palosin Wazir is one of the most backward villages of FATA, the Khojalkhel wazir tribes are not allowed to obtain national ID cards and their children can't read after matriculation.
Jamaat-e-Islami Bajaur

Jamaat-e-Islami demands immediate FATA’s merger with KP, rejects 10 years long plan

JI expressed concern over some leaders of religious and nationalist parties for opposing reforms in the tribal area, branding them as enemies of tribal people.

Army chief spends first Ramazan with soldiers in Khyber

General Raheel Sharif spent the entire day on Friday with troops and tribal people in Khyber Agency.
Imtiaz Gul

FATA – A victim of vested political interests

A big majority categorically favoured the FATA merger with KP, saying this was natural and logical in view of the geographical contiguity and historical ethnic linguistic links between the two regions.
Ijaz Khan

A FATA-L delay

If the change is announced after a few months, it will face more problems than it would have faced earlier. Dragging feet on Fata’s merger with KP will have negative political implications for the state of Pakistan.