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Fata’s merger rally: Politicians end, youth to continue sit-in for abolishing FCR

Thousands of Fata's and KP people marched to Islamabad and staged a sit-in to demand abolishing FCR, merger with KP and extension of the Supreme Court jurisdiction to Fata.
Ahmad Ali's Wife

No Access to Justice; Prisoners face pathetic conditions in Fata

Conditions of Prisoners in Fata are worsening. They are provided with substandard foods, no clean drinking water and no easy access to toilets and washrooms.
FATA Youth

FATA Political Alliance slams Fazlur Rehman, Achakzai, calls them enemies of tribal people

Maulana Fazlur Rehman is used by bureaucracy against the tribal people but the today’s rally is a warning for him and his politics.
M. Kamran

Time to put an end to the black law FCR in FATA

It’s the time to ensure the equal rights to the citizen of FATA, all those rights which is enjoyed by the citizen of Punjab and other provinces.

Tribesmen refuse to pay fine under FCR in Mohmand Agency

Tribesmen of the Burhankhel and Qasimkhel tribes have refused to pay fine and rejected the punishment imposed by the local administration under FCR, in Mohmand Agency.

Mantra of illegal law and its victims

Tribal people's voice is not enough to pave the better way for better future. Without the support of concern authorizes, they are neither sane nor insane.

FATA politicians, journalists demand abolishment of FCR

The Prime Minister FATA reforms committee visited the subdivision of Khyber Agency and listen to the suggestions of Tribesmen regarding FCR.

PTI vows to bring FCR to an end, introduce local bodies in FATA

Abolishment oof the FCR will change FATA; PTI Voice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, MNA Aiesha Gulalai, Dr. Israr Safi and others addressed the 'Jalsa'.

I am an FCR victim; “Abolish FCR in FATA”

It states that three basic rights are not applicable to the residents of FATA — the right to appeal detention, the right to legal representation, and the right to present reasoned evidence.

I am an FCR victim; Tribal youth, activists must speak up

If you belong to FATA or PATA, please speak up now. Demand 'abolishment of FCR'. Tell the world "I am an FCR victim". Do it now or suffer forever.
Ijaz Khan

Fata Reforms, Confusion and indecisiveness

Rewaj Regulations could have become acceptable as a bad part of a whole package, which contained a phased merger with KP and extension of Peshawar High Court and Supreme Court jurisdiction.

The unfortunate Fata

Political administration’s officials are involved in massive corruption, but immune from any audit or accountability. Women folk are degraded and voiceless, and often subject of honor killing.